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KINDARA is a women's shoes boutique based in Lebanon: three branches (Sodeco, Elissar, Kaslik), two outlets (Sodeco and Zalka). Shoes are imported from Italy, Spain and The States including very well known brands.

The company first started in 1991 in Beirut. The company is now owned by Kris Group. The slogan of the company is: “The exclusive Shoes that fit your lifestyle". That being said, the brand cares about not only fitting lifestyles but also being at pace with fashion innovation. At this date, t https://bstincontri.it/ he boutique has become a prestigious retailer of shoes and bags and accessories pricing from medium to high.

KINDARA offers a huge variety to satisfy all the targets' needs and wants specially for Help me do my homework wedding purposes where the bride can choose from top designer wedding shoes that will keep her comfortable, dissertation writer classy and fashionable on her big day.

KINDARA's ultimate mission and promise is to provide best quality and experience and wants to expan https://bstdating.de/ d in shoe fashion not just in Lebanon but in the geographical region as well and build customer loyalty.


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